Srimath Sri Viswamatha

(Viswamatha meaning mother of universe) was born in Kumbakonam, a town located about 300km south of  Chennai (formerly Madras), and the capital city of the State Tamil Nadu in India.  

She was born in a strict, and traditional family that followed Vedic recitals as a part of their regular daily prayers. Her father and grandfather, both, were pundits of Sama Veda (one among the four vedas). At the tender age of three, she started to translate the profound Vedic knowledge in a simple and understandable verse and often rectify improper recitals by people around her. Three years later she was bestowed with a title “saagara Vani” meaning “The Ocean of knowledge” by the then kanchi Paramacharya. When she visited the same swami maha periyava at the age of 30, She received impetus from the Swami to realise her immense potential to spread the message of Sanathana Dharma (Eternal Dharma), share her invaluable knowledge and heal people on all the three – physical, mental and spiritual levels. Since then, she has been these Divine Mission of healing and enhancing the spiritual awareness of the society. 

Srimath Sri Viswamatha resides in Palayaseevaram near Chengalpattu Close to Kanchipuram, TamilNadu, India. Her mission of spreading Sanathana  Dharma byHealing people of ailments, in particular, All kind of cancer and vision related problems at the fundamental energy levels of a patient, thus directly addressing the root of the ailments. Reviving and re-establishing the significance and role of ancient musical instruments in the musical and spiritual world (It is believed that these instruments were build with the view that the Musical notes have a deep connection with Universal Energy). Mathaji, as she is known by her disciples, has given over the past Ten years, Discourse and valuable advice to those seeking from various parts of the world. Here strong contribution towards creating a way for enlighten and uplifting the spiritual awareness of the society besides healing is her distinct knowledge offering scientific explanations to various ancient Hindu traditions and cultural practices. She lovingly considers all those who approach her as her own children and loves to share her knowledge in various ways ranging from matters pertaining to day to day materialistic life to those of spiritual and philosophies of these highest order. She owes it all to the divine grace of Maha Saraswathi (the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge) which she has strongly felt since she was a child. She is offering her life and services to lord shiva.