Rules & Guideliness


  1. Wear light coloured clothing (eg. White), with no black, or very dark shades. Best not to have dark metal (ie. Gold is OK above waist and silver below waist). During healing in front of Mathaji, wear no leather belts (belt buckles of metal), watches, glasses, artificial hair pieces (ie. It is ok to have these on in the room but not during personal healing in which she touches you).
  2. For the first visit Mathaji requests that most people bring a medical report from their doctor to explain their health issues and diagnosis and current treatments.
  3. It is Important that women be aware is not acceptable to be present in the healing room during the menstrual cycle. It is possible to come to the sessions on the 6th day after the beginning of the cycle. If healing is in progress and the cycle comes, then it will be delayed until complete, then healing will be resumed.
  4. Be punctual with the time given for you to come to each session. Do not make assumptions about your time, verify with her assistant. Although you will be given an exact time to arrive, the specific time you will be called to come up for treatment will be picked by Mathaji each day. This means someone comes after you have been sitting there, may get to have treatment first. Also you will notice that some people will sit for healing more times in one session than other people, and that is all decided by Mathaji. If you have an appointment to get to at a specific time following healing, it is best to let her assistant know so Mathaji can adjust timing of healings accordingly.
  5. For your final session you may be required to bring some specific fruit or food items. This will be clarified with you the day before.

Further Considerations for Your and Other’s Enjoyment of Sessions.

  1. Leave your shoes inside the front door of the dwelling you are coming to for healings.
  2. When coming into the room in which Mathaji is sitting, it is customary to bow your head a bit, and offer her assistant some fruit and/or some flowers. You will usually receive some blessed fruit from her when you are to leave. Eating this fruit will aid in your healing.
  3. Although most people sit quietly on the floor while waiting for their healing time, those with physical difficulty can sit on a couch are chair that is available in the room.
  4. It is permissible to ask questions to her assistant, who will forward them to her at an appropriate time.

Questions can be written down and handed to the assistant as well. Not all questions will be answered in any given session. If Mathaji is alone in the room with no assistant, it is acceptable to respectfully ask her a question at what appears to you to be suitable moment.

  1. As the healing energy used by Mathaji is Divine Energy, it works for the patient during the healing, regardless of whether she is engaging in conversation on the phone, or with the group, while you are lying there. It is helpful to lie or sit peacefully while in front of Mathaji during her healing of you, without engaging to a lot of discussion.
  2. It is preferable that those sitting on the floor make an effort to not point there feet directly at Mathaji.
  3. Should you need to go to the bathroom it acceptable to just get up and go there.
  4. Those being healed will by sitting or lying on a mat which you should not step over, but step around if you need to be near it.
  5. It is helpful to make an effort to pick up any items you bring with you before departure (eg. Socks, bags, glasses, watches, wallets and keys).
  6. If the room becomes crowded, it is good for those who have completed their healing sittings to leave in order to make room for others still waiting.